Sara Kahn, MS, CDN, CNS

Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner specializing in gut health

Sara is a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner offering clinical nutrition counseling utilizing the functional medicine approach. She specializes in digestive wellness & whole body health. Not only do Sara’s clients have gastrointestinal complaints but they also have related conditions such as anemia, anxiety, autoimmune disease, depression, fatigue, headaches & weight gain, to name a few. Sara partners with her clients to develop a personalized action plan based on their unique bio-individuality that addresses the root cause of their conditions. The plan is tailored to her client’s preferences, pace and lifestyle. She offers guidance based on scientific literature and clinical experience – NOT the latest fad diets and trends such as quick fixes, detoxes and cleanses. She helps clients tap into their own healing abilities to get lasting results and to feel their best.