Dr Justin Brandler

University of Michigan Gastroenterology Fellow

Dr. Justin Brandler, MD is a gastroenterology fellow at the University of Michigan. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he attended medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle and trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for both internal medicine residency and a research fellowship in neurogastroenterology and motility GI diseases.

His clinical and research interests surround GI diseases associated with neurogastroenterology and motility issues. Many of these diseases are commonly referred to as “functional” GI diseases, and more recently are termed “disorders of brain gut interaction.” Dr Brandler's passion for this field comes from both personal and professional experiences of witnessing the impact these conditions can have on a patient’s quality of life. While at times this can be disheartening for both patients and providers, he enjoys working with patients to achieve their health goals through research-based, creative, and practical management solutions.

Dr Brandler was selected for the “Outstanding Resident Teacher Award” at Mayo Clinic. Using a blend of science and humor, he enjoys integrating evidence-based educational principles to present stimulating content and promote long-term retention and application.